14 years

So where to begin. First of all I cant believe it has 14 years since I got Diabetes. It was one thing that wasnt on my mind back then and then bam it has came full throttle.  I somewhat knew about Diabetes since my Dad has it , but I wasnt thinking I would get it.   I remember when day that I happened to cut my finger and I asked my Dad to check my blood sugar and he did, I think the number was in the 300’s but we brushed it off because I was outside and my hands were dirty.

Then I get into 7th Grade. The year that we were old enough we could try out for a sport if we wanted to. I jumped on that bandwagon because I wanted to be that cool kid that got out of school early. The next thing I know I am in the nurses office for a physical for track. everything was going good till the main doctor checked my urine for glucocse and it came back 4+ meaning I was in the 400 range. He came out to me and started asking me all these questions and called my parents. Of course I thought id done something wrong and they were all upset.

Fast Track a few days later I was sitting in Home Ec  and I saw my mom walk up to the door and say something to the teacher and the teacher came up to me and said My mom had to talk to me and I was going to be all right. I somewhat forgot the whole diabetes thing for a few days but it hit me I had something wrong with me. 

The next few hours were a blur. I didnt want to go to the hospital but I had to and when I got there I hated it . The next few days were some of the best minus the finger pokes and shots. I got all the free  diet ginger ale I wanted and I could watch any movies I wanted to and I got to hang out in the rec room and got visitors all the time  , but I also had to learn about Diabetes. 

Even though i wanted to just relax I knew and Was told I had to learn all this stuff so I could do it the rest of my life. I found out id have to be on injections and order to leave the hospital I had to give myself one. I was lucky enough to have my Dad to practice on ( you cant get any better then that , could you?)  I did get to leave a few days later. I remember it was a Sunday and I gave myself my first shot and many more to come

As I look back on those few days I knew this happened because A Higher Power knew I could handle the added pressures of being a diabetic. Although there are times I feel like I have failed. get depressed enough that just give up for a few hours/days ,  and Just get angry at the whole thing , I just remember it can be worse much worse


Millions of  Injections

Millions of Blood Test

Millions of Highs and Lows

Millions of illnesses assoictaed with D

I cant be destroyed


I thought id start blogging again. I cant keep any promises that I will write or that I will be any good at writing good posts .

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