Health Insurance

Diabetes and Health Insurance , It is a necessity to have but for some people like me they cant afford it. What are they supposed to do? Die?.
Anyways I dont make enough to get insurance and the government says I work to many freakin hours and make to much freakin money and many wont accept you because you have diabetes. My Job doesnt offer benifits until you work 18 months and I am not even hit a year there yet but im getting there.
Somehow im surviving but not that much. I am lucky enough to get my pump sipplies from my nice cde at the local hospital and i use my dads humalog since he gets like 10 vials of humalog for 3 months and strips ( I hardly test) I admit that . But some people like me arent not so lucky to have others to depend on and it makes me wonder why does your government haver to be this bad

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Shannon said...

My dad's cousin goes on Ebay to buy supplies for her son who has Type 1.

That might be one way to go although I wouldn't buy insulin...just non-perishables.