Help On Insulin Pumps

Does Anyone know I can get a free pump / reduced cost or any pump companies help people who are uninsured to obtain a free or reduced insulin pump. I am pretty sure that my pump is out of warrenty and im afraid if it breaks ( I hoping it doesnt) I will be back on injections


Scott K. Johnson said...

Not sure.

You might try some of the "big name" sites, like insulin-pumpers.org or childrenwithdiabetes.com?

Shannon said...

How long have you had your pump? I know Cozmo's warranty lasts 5 yrs and then they send a brand new pump to start the warranty over again.

I'd check with the pump company to see how they work things.

Bernard said...

Ask your endo for the name of the pump representative. Then call them and ask them about it.

It's amazing what you can get from some of the medical company representatives.