Help On Insulin Pumps

Does Anyone know I can get a free pump / reduced cost or any pump companies help people who are uninsured to obtain a free or reduced insulin pump. I am pretty sure that my pump is out of warrenty and im afraid if it breaks ( I hoping it doesnt) I will be back on injections


new layout, im working on putting my links back on but im tired. so enjoy. Will update them tommrow


Nickeloodeon Short - Inside Out Boy

thanks to retrojunk.com I found my all time short cartoon INSIDE OUT BOY from a few yrs ago that was on nick ( When they had the much cooler shows on and SNICK on friday nights and oh ya thanks to youtube too


Ticked Off To The Point Of No Return

I am so ticked off that im sure i will explode anyminute now


All because I got denied AGAIN for health insurance even though i have bills comming out of the wazoo and bills consisting of over 5,000 dollars, from when I was in the Hospital because of DKA. How can one deny a person who has a chronic illness and needs medication and has bills like I do. They say its all because I make TOO MUCH FREAKIN MONEY. Thats to me is Bullshit. I cant even pay my freakin bills from my paycheck. grrr

Any Thoughts and HELP?


On A Roll

on a roll . hope this streak continues for awhile. drum roll please. I tested 2 times today and just say i wasnt pleased with the results but i am testing

question anyone ever try their arms for a site for infusion sets? I need to give my thighs, stomach and butt a break