Perfect Stangers - Pipe Dreams

George said to post some you tube videos when I couldnt think of anything to say . So I was looking for some old shows i liked when I was youngers and Perfect Stangers was one of them


Not Much

havent had much to say. i dont even know w hy i have one of these. Anyways i changed the template and added new links so enjoy.


12 years of Diabetes in 80 Odd Seconds

12 years gone so fast now i know why i cant remember the day i swas dx'd Am I the only one. Only thing I remember is these few things

  • I was in the 7th Grade
  • I wanted to go out for track and field
  • I didnt have any symptoms of Diabetes
  • I really didnt know what D was even though my Dad has it ( type 2)
  • I had to get a physical for track
  • they had us participants give a urine smple
  • thats how they figured out I had D
  • Sugar was 400+
  • Had a blood test the next day
  • Went back to School After
  • I was sitting in foods class
  • While evry other kid was drinking kool aide ( even the diabetic kid that was sitting by me)
  • my mom came by and talked to the teacher ( mom worked in the cafeteria then)
  • mom told the teacher that i had to go to the hospital
  • I left
  • mom went to the principal and told them
  • I on the other hand called my grandparents to tell them I had to go to the Hospital
  • They were not home
  • got home and packed my suitcase and my mom told me I had Diabetes
  • Dad came home and I cried
  • I didnt want to go
  • We went to the hospital
  • I didnt like it at first
  • Then I did
  • Free Pop and Playing All day
  • learned about D and gave my Dad his shot
  • Stayed there for a week
  • 8 yrs after I started on the insulin Pump
  • 11 years after I was Hospitalized in ICU for 3 days and 2 days in a regular room for DKA ( in October 2006
  • Now its 12 years . ( Remember I dont remember the exact day I was dx'd

Thats All I remember


Snow Pictures

here are some snow pictures i took, i think we got 5 or 6 inches so far unlike new york that got like 11 feet. ok my dates are screwed up on my camera but i did take these just now


Gangsta Happy Feet Remix

Arm Site

I finnaly did it, I used my arm for my site. it didnt hurt that much and it doesnt sting so all is good.

Also I tested 3 times so far I been in the 80 to 90 range all 3 times :-)


Something New I Like

There is something new that I am getting to enjoy more then Diet Pepsi. Its the Minute Maid Light Juices. I escpecially like Raspberry Passion. I drank the who half gallon 5 minutes after I bought it, They have others but my store where I work only sales the Raspberry Passion and Lemonade and the Light OJ ( which I am afraid to try because of the thought of my sugar going even though it has 13 grams of sugar and or Carbs . I cant Remember).