Still Here

im still here, didnt drop off the face of the earth just yet. been busy working / babysitting , nothing is new on the D front.



so i go and buy root beer to drink last thursday and tonight I finnaly look at the can and lo and behold ITS REGULAR NOT DIET. There is only 45 grams of sugar but not to mention my sugar is 350 but thats can be from the spaghetti I ate and not testing before dinner

boy am i dumb

VA Tech Shooting

this is freaking crazy, whats going on in this world. My cousin and uncle were just there a few months ago and my sister and her husband live like 20 or miles away in roanoke . its just crazy

Virgina Tech Shooting


Co Workers

Ok. I thought I had some good co workers but now they are hounding me on the things I eat on break. I been trying hard to eat something healthy like granola cereal and fruit or bagels, but I like to eat a cookie once in awhile and When I do they yell. Escpecially this one guy who is in his 60's and has type 2 and on Pills. He just chewed me out because he saw me eating cookes even after I had a roast beef sandwhich and he went on and on bout how he was higher then normal this morning and he was mad because he didnt do anything to be high

I know I should speak up but I feel if I do they will get madder. What do you Suggest or Do??

even after eating I was 104 and when I woke up this morning was 164


George's Questions ........My Answers

1. What made you being and continue to blog?
I started to blog when I first saw they had an online journels. First it was to keep me updated on my friends that I worked at Camp with then it was to channel my anger and now just to see how others are dealing and living with the challenges thast diabetes bring you and I every day

2. If you could come back to earth as an animal, which one would it be and why?

That is easy. A Monkey. Because I always wanted one and they are cool. I can swing around in trees and be like my human self. I am always Monkeying around , HAHAHAHA

3. What is your favorite cartoon character? I have many favorites so here they go.

  • My First Favorite is Littlefoot from Land Before Time.

  • Spongebob Squarepants

  • Swiper from Dora ( I dont like how they are always yelling at at him for being mean) So thats why I Like him

4. If you had the ability to go back in time and play any role in a movie, which movie and role would you pick?

I would like to be the kid in the Movie
Blank Check. Who wouldnt like to get a blank check and put in a million dollars and get anything and everything you wanted , I know its an old movie but if you have kids, check it out

5. What is your favorite internal organ and why?

Ok this is wierd and tell you I really dont have a favorite. I would say Stomach because I love to eat and eat and eat and well you get the point


Questions By George , Answer by Me

I been , well I volunteered to be a guinea pig of sorts to George's Wacky Weird questions ,but you will have to wait till tommrow as my computer is being a idiot and wont let me copy the questions from email to here, and im to tried to do it now. and besides 6am comes to early ( I start work at 6:30am .

So Sorry To Keep You Waiting



Can the Pirates take 3 out of 3 from the Astro's? Stay Tuned Till Tommrow


Medical ID

I need some help, I know I should but they plain one seem so dull and doesn't have any info on it. what do you or your kids wear? I saw this and it looks neat but I need more suggestions before I go and spend 20 some dollars on it