So I guess im not good at blogs, and I never generate any feeback.

I finnaly went to see my cde not that I wanted to .I had to for work all because one day I was 380 and I blew up at the manager.  I got the full picture that I havent been on the right track. I tested maybe the minuim of 4 times and I never logged and just bolused if i remembered too, so that has changed. I been testing maybe 7 times and using the ultralink to bolus right then and there and logging more. I been happy with the results although i have had lows down in the 40's and Highs up to 271 . I more happy I am not seeing any 300's or higher like I have. I mentioned I felt like a failure and my cde said your normal, for someone living with diabetes ittakes alot to handle. Also Not to mention I actually FEEL BETTER. Lets hope i stay on the right track for a long while. 

Getting blood work thats a new thing i have to start doing .guess I havent had that done since 2006, oops

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type1mom said...

Yikes! You gotta get that blood work done lady! :) Diabetes is hard every day, for all of us. You aren't alone with the highs or the lows. I've been having alot of highs lately, and not only do I feel crappy but I feel unmotivated the more highs I feel. Its a viscious cycle. But, the better our numbers the better we feel, then the more we want to TRY harder.

Hang in there,sounds like you are on the right track!